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Child Care Services for Parents in Riverton and Daybreak

Parenting is one of your biggest responsibilities and choosing an excellent day care provider is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Our Riverton day care facility provides an engaging, nurturing environment for children from the ages of three weeks to 12 years old. This Riverton facility is also extremely convenient to families who live in Daybreak.

We know busy your family life can be and that’s why we open early and close late to suit your schedule. You can drop your kids off as early as 6 a.m. and we can watch them until 7 p.m. We provide extended hour daycare services every day of the week and we can care for your children during these hours on a regular basis or just once in awhile. Not just a day care, promotes early childhood education as well as fun!

School Transportation Options

We provide childcare services before and after school and we can transport your children from 14 elementary schools across the Riverton, Daybreak, Herriman and Bluffdale, Utah areas. We use only the safest buses and passenger vehicles rather than 12- or 15-passenger buses, known for higher accident rates. Just drop off your kids before you head to work and pick them up on the way home and we’ll handle the logistics in between.

A Day Care Focused On Safety

When you trust your children to our care, you expect to find them safe, happy and healthy when you return. For that reason, our Riverton child care center has invested in creating safe play areas for your children. In our outdoor playground, we have installed rubber mats instead of traditional gravel, sand or bark. This reduces the risk of serious injury and prevents substrate from getting in eyes, noses and mouths. Indoors, we provide age-appropriate play areas and activities to keep every child active and engaged throughout the day.

Toddler & Preschool Curriculum

We use the award-winning Mother Goose Curriculum to foster a positive learning environment for the children in our care with regular activities and weekly topics throughout the year. This child care curriculum provides early instruction for math, science, reading skills and teaches enriching subjects such as musical creativity, social skills and emotional awareness. Your child will be ready to start school in Riverton, Daybreak or anywhere in the area with this curriculum.

Healthy Way to GrowEngaging Kids in Healthy Living

ABC Great Beginnings Riverton Child Care Center is proud to be a part of a great new program called Healthy Way to Grow, which comes from the American Heart Association. Healthy Way to Grow is a science based program, designed to help reverse childhood obesity by improving early childhood program practices and policies, for promoting better health conscious actions. See our Healthy Way to Grow Activity Calendar, for scheduled activities this month, which are fun for kids and family alike. Plus see our monthly newsletter for recipes, health and wellness tips and more.

Contact Us or Stop By Today

We would love to meet you and your children and we invite you to call or visit us for an in-person tour. We want you to be comfortable with your child care decision and we’re here to answer all your questions and concerns.

At ABC Great Beginnings, we’ve provided child care services to families in Utah for over 30 years. Our services are available from infancy to 12 years old and we provide pre-school programs from two years old to pre-kindergarten age. We are located in Riverton, Utah, but our center is convenient for families who live in Daybreak, Herriman, Bluffdale and surrounding cities.


12523 S 4150 W
Riverton, UT 84096

(801) 316-1071

Mon - Fri
6:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Tiana Sua'ava
Schools transported to and from:
  • Athlos Academy
  • Blackridge Elementary
  • Bluffdale Elementary
  • Butterfield Canyon Elementary
  • Daybreak Elementary
  • Early Light Academy
  • Foothills Elementary
  • Herriman Elementary
  • Midas Creek Elementary
  • Providence Hall Elementary
  • Riverton Elementary
  • Rose Creek Elementary
  • Silvercrest Elementary


News & Events

  • The infant room is safe for your little ones.

    Infant Room

  • Infants are safe in our special infant room.

    Infant Room

  • You can trust ABC Great Beginnings with your children.

    Infant Room

  • Your toddler will love our fun rooms and activities.


  • Toddlers will have fun at ABC Great Beginnings.


  • Toddler

  • Toddler Play

  • Toddler Play

  • Your two-year-old will love our facility.

    Age 2 Room

  • Age 2 Room

  • Age 3 Room

  • Our preschool facilities are top-notch.

    Age 2 Preschool

  • Early preschool rooms are perfect for small children.


  • Pre-k rooms are perfect for very small children.


  • We offer excellent care for pre-k children.


  • Pre-K

  • Our facilities are clean and safe.


  • Age 5 Pre-K

  • Bring your little one to our daycare facility.

    Age 6 Pre-k

  • Our facilities are perfect for play and education.

    School Age

  • Send your school age children to ABC Great Beginnings.

    School Age

  • Your child will have fun at ABC Great Beginnings.

    School Age

  • Your school age child will have fun learning and playing.

    School Age

  • We have facilities designed for children 3-5 years old.


  • Playground

  • We have fun and safe playgrounds.


  • Our Riverton location is great for your child.


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