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Early Childhood Curriculum

Program Philosophy and Goals

Our program recognizes that children learn best by doing. The program offers the teacher a wide range of coordinated activities from which to select developmentally appropriate activities for their own group of children. There are many suggestions for activities which provide unlimited opportunities for the children to use their own creativity, as well as a variety of structured activities. The activities are designed to help your child grow emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically, and to build a strong sense of their own individuality and self-esteem.

What Our Curriculum Is

Our curriculum – Mother Goose Time – is a fun and educational activities program that is designed for use in our child care center. Its purpose is to give our busy child care staff the materials they need to provide a full, developmentally appropriate program of activities for the 2 to 5 year olds in our care. It also provides numerous activities for our school-age children during off days.

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We recognize that our staff needs to be able to devote their full attention to their day to day interactions with the children. Our professionally prepared curriculum materials help make this happen. Our monthly curriculum kits come complete with plans and materials for a wide range of activities.

How Parents Are Involved

You’ll receive a parent letter at the beginning of each month, to inform you of the suggested activities for that month. You’ll also receive notes periodically during the month. These will tell you about activities which may be planned, such as a color day when the children will need to wear clothing of a specific color, or bring something of that color. Your child’s teacher will not always include everything that is suggested in her program. She will have many choices of activities from which to build her program, and will need to consider the developmental level and interests and needs of the children in her class, and her own time constraints.

From time to time you may be asked to contribute various materials, such as gelatin boxes, milk cartons, egg cartons, etc.

How You Can Help

Be aware that child care providers need to be flexible and that plans may need to be changed at a moment’s notice. Child care, as you know, is not an exact science. Our administration and teachers are, and need to be, aware of your child’s needs. Our curriculum allows US the flexibility to provide the warm nurturing care you want for your child while providing a developmentally appropriate program that is fun as well as educational.

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We look forward to working with you and your child. We hope this overview of our curriculum helps to reinforce our commitment to quality child care. Please feel free to participate in any way you can in our day care program.

What Your Child Will Be Doing

Our program is developed around 3 to 5 themes each month. Each month’s program includes a wide range of activities such as those described below.

  • Language Activities – circle-time activities allow children to share in discussions of experiences and concepts with which they are familiar, as well as to introduce new ideas.
  • Large Muscle Activities – these activities help children to develop physically in a setting where fun and cooperation are emphasized, rather than competition.
  • Number Recognition – and other math concepts, such as size, shape, counting, and one to one correspondence, are introduced.
  • Listening Skills – our program includes many stories, activities which require following directions, and opportunities for interaction with other children through language and listening.
  • Science Experiences – science concepts are introduced through hands-on activities, such as planting seeds, using magnifying glasses to observe familiar objects, water play, and many other fun activities.

We use research-based curriculum at our centers.

  • Matching, Sorting, and Sequencing – there are many opportunities presented throughout our program which help children to learn these important pre-reading concepts.
  • Creative Play – for creative play include such activities as building block cities, creating a cardboard carton fire station, and arranging chairs to make a pretend bus, train or plane.
  • Cooking Activities – activities provide opportunities for children to experiment with textures, measuring, dough sculpture, following step by step directions, and many other developmental skills.
  • Self Help Activities – our program provides activities which help children to learn both independence and cooperation. Such concepts as playground safety, dental health, and nutrition, arc included regularly, through stories, hands on experiences, games, etc.
  • Creative Art Activities – your child will participate in many activities which provide experience with a wide range of art mediums, such as paints, play dough and other material for sculpting.

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  • Craft Activities – your child will bring home many examples of craft activities. These help children to learn to follow step by step instructions, develop listening skills, and manipulate a wide range of materials. They serve as fun reminders of other activities and concepts learned or used throughout the day. Many of these creations, such as puppets and crafts with moveable parts, offer opportunities for creative play when the craft itself has been assembled.
  • Music and Rhythm – our program provides many opportunities for your child to learn new songs each month, and for rhythm and creative movement activities. You’ll receive copies of the songs on the backs of the activity pages which the children bring home. This will allow you to learn the songs along with your child.
  • Alphabet Activities – our curriculum offers an excellent alphabet program. Its purpose is to introduce your child to the way that letters are used in words, and the way that words are used in our world. Emphasis is on letter recognition. The program includes many fun activities which help to increase letter recognition and the enthusiasm for books and reading.
  • Free Play – this is the most important part of any successful child care program. Your child will learn and express more through free play experiences than any other aspect of our program. We have many learning centers to help spark your child’s imagination, help them deal with real life situations and give opportunities for growth and learning.

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